Capítulo 7: A criação da Federation of the International Societies for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (FISPGHAN): símbolo da união das Sociedades Regionais

A consequência direta do grande sucesso do evento Congresso Mundial foi a criação da Federation of the International Societies of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (FISPGHAN), ainda em Boston, imediatamente após o término das atividades científicas do Congresso Mundial.

Esta Federação Internacional composta pelas quatro Sociedades (NASPGHAN, LASPGHAN, ESPGHAN e APPSPGHAN), foi criada para funcionar como uma organização guarda-chuva, com a finalidade de promover a cooperação e a educação universal entre os profissionais da área. Ficou definido na ocasião que a FISPGHAN passaria a ter um Conselho Executivo composto por 2 representantes de cada Sociedade, sendo um deles o Presidente e o segundo um membro indicado por cada respectiva Sociedade, além disso também seria incluído o Presidente do próximo vindouro Congresso Mundial, totalizando 9 membros.

O principal papel da FISPGHAN é o de facilitar a organização do evento Congresso Mundial que deverá ocorrer a cada 4 anos de forma rotatória entre os diferentes continentes, a saber: 2004 Europa, 2008 América Latina, 2012 Ásia, 2016 novamente América do Norte e assim sucessivamente.

E-mail enviado em: 9/08/2000

Neste dia foi oficialmente criada a FISPGHAN e ao mesmo tempo foi realizada sua primeira reunião para aprovação dos Estatutos (By Laws).

Stefano Guandalini, foi eleito o primeiro Presidente do Comitê Executivo e assim dirigiu os trabalhos, como se lê abaixo:

Stefano Guandalini wrote:

Dear all,

I still am under the impression of the splendid feeling of excitement we all had in creating our federation! Many of you have expressed (in e-mails and/or verbally) your satisfaction for this enterprise and the congratulations (that must be extended to each and anyone of you) for the achievement.

In concluding this wonderful moment of pride, I simply want to reiterate how important is the step we have taken, and how grateful I personally am to each of you for having designated me as the first Chair of our Council.

And, last but not least, again my most sincere appreciation to Harland for the magnificent job he did!

Greetings fellow FISPGHAN Council members.  It was a great joy to witness the signing of the FISPGHAN By-laws by the eight Councilors and three additional original IEC members at the Closing Party in Boston.  I have handed original signed By-laws to Roberto Calva and Stephano Guandalini, and I will mail the APPSPGHAN one to Mei-Hwei Chang.  I have attached to this email a copy of the version that was signed by us all.

As you know, the FISPGHAN listserve is established.  The distribution list is as follows:

Margaret Stallings  [email protected]
Roberto Calva [email protected]
Mei-Hwei Chang [email protected]
Geoffrey Cleghorn [email protected]
Ulysses Fagundes-Neto [email protected]
Harland Winter [email protected]
Stefano Guandalini [email protected]
John Walker-Smith [email protected]
Richard Colletti [email protected]     

Federation of International Societies of
Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
Minutes of the first FISPGHAN Meeting

Time:            Wednesday, 9 August 2000
Place:            Boston, USA


Mei-Hwei Chang, APPSPGHAN.
Geoffrey Cleghorn, APPSPGHAN.
Stefano Guandalini, ESPGHAN.
John Walker-Smith, ESPGHAN.
Roberto Calva, LASPGN.
Ulysses Fagundes-Neto, LASPGN.
Richard Colletti, NASPGN.
Margaret Stallings, Executive Secretary


Harland Winter, NASPGN (proxy vote given to R. Colletti)
Chair, Host Executive Committee, to be named

  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by S. Guandalini at approximately 12.15 hr. The purpose of FISPGHAN was discussed and agreed upon.

  1. Adoption of By-laws

A draft of the By-laws of FISPGHAN was reviewed line-by-line, with modifications noted.  It was agreed that the revised and final draft would be completed and officially signed at a public ceremony during the First World Congress later in the day.

VOTE: The Council voted 8 to 0 in favor (no abstentions) of the motion to accept the By-laws as modified. [Note: M. Stallings did not vote on this or subsequent motions.]

ACTION:  M. Stallings will investigate the legal status of the By-laws in the USA regarding tax-deductible contributions.

  1. Selection of the site of the 2004 World Congress meeting

ESPGHAN has proposed that Paris, France be the site of the Second World Congress.

VOTE: The Council voted 8 to 0 in favor of the motion to accept the recommendation of ESPGHAN.

FISPGHAN recommends the following dates (in order of decreasing preference) for the next Congress:  June 5 to 9; June 12 to 16; May 29 to June 2.

  1. Election of the Chair of the FISPGHAN Council

VOTE: The Council voted 8 to 0 in favor of a motion to elect S. Guandalini as the Chair of the FISPGHAN Council.

  1. Election of the Secretary-Treasurer of FISPGHAN Council

VOTE: The Council voted 8 to 0 in favor of a motion to elect R. Colletti as the Secretary-Treasurer of the FISPGHAN Council.

  1. Selection of the Executive Director of FISPGHAN

VOTE: The Council voted 8 to 0 in favor of a motion to select M. Stallings as the Executive Director of FISPGHAN. The Executive Director is a non-voting position on the Council.

ACTION: The Secretary-Treasurer will arrange for the hiring of M. Stallings on a part-time basis.

  1. Selection of the Chair of the Host Executive Committee

This action was deferred, pending deliberations by organizers in ESPGHAN.

  1. Other business

ACTION: G. Cleghorn will prepare a draft statement for a code of behavior with biomedical industry.

ACTION: R. Colletti will set up a listserve to facilitate email communications.

  1. Discussion of future meetings of FISPGHAN

The Council planned to reconvene face-to-face again at the next ESPGHAN annual meeting in Geneva, Switzerland which will be held May 9-12, 2001.

  1. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 13.45 hr.


E-mail enviado em: 19/08/2000

Richard Colletti wrote:



By-Laws (Estatutos)

Article 1.

Name and seat: The name of the Federation is THE FEDERATION OF INTERNATIONAL SOCIETIES FOR PEDIATRIC GASTROENTEROLOGY, HEPATOLOGY AND NUTRITION. The headquarters are established in Geneva, Switzerland.


Article 2.

Organizational structure: FISPGHAN is an unincorporated, not-for-profit entity operated as a joint venture of the founding Societies.

Membership:  The founding members of FISPGHAN, hereby called “a Member Society” or “Member Societies”, are the Asian Pan-Pacific Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (APPSPGHAN), the European Society for Pædiatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN), the Latin American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (LASPGN) and the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (NASPGN).

The Federation may in its sole discretion admit to its membership other international associations or international societies of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition which, by virtue of their scientific distinction, their size, their statutes and their international dimension, are considered by the governing body of the Federation, hereby called the “Council”, to be appropriate and acceptable. No reason needs to be given when applications to join the Federation have been rejected.

Member Societies are required to inform the Federation of any changes in their statutes or other governing documents and to communicate promptly the names of their appointed representatives to the Council, hereby called “Councilors”. Member Societies shall pay an annual affiliation fee to the Federation. The amount of the contribution shall be proposed by the Secretary-Treasurer and determined by the Council.


Article 3.

Mission: FISPGHAN is a non-profit organization whose principal purpose is to promote and organize The World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. Until otherwise decided by the FISPGHAN Council, and further approved by the governing bodies of all the Member Societies, the periodicity of this meeting shall be every four (4) years. The aim of the World Congress is to provide a forum for the presentation of high-quality original scientific research, which will make up the vast majority of the program.  Changes to this mission will require the unanimous vote of the Council.


Article 4.

Composition of the Council: Each Member Society will have the right and the duty to appoint two representatives to the Council, called Councilors. Each Councilor is permitted to represent only one Member Society.

The Council is responsible for supervising the affairs of FISPGHAN. At its inception, the Council shall be composed of nine (9) Councilors, as follows: There shall be two Councilors from each Member Society. One of each pair will be the President of that Member Society. The Council will elect one of the Councilors to be the Chair of FISPGHAN, and another of the Councilors to be the Secretary-Treasurer of FISPGHAN.  The Chair and Secretary-Treasurer shall serve for a term of four (4) years.

The Member Society that is organizing the next World Congress meeting shall be called the “Host Member Society” or the “hosting Member Society”.  A committee of the Host Member Society, called the Host Executive Committee, shall be formed to implement the organization of the World Congress meeting. The Chair of the Host Executive Committee will be the ninth member of the Council.  If the Chair of the Host Executive Committee is already a member of the Council representing his/her Member Society, that Society will select another individual from the Society to be a Councilor.

When a representative of a Member Society leaves the Council, it is the responsibility of that Member Society to appoint a replacement Councilor and to notify the Secretary-Treasurer of the appointment. When a new President is elected by a Member Society, the new President shall replace the former President as Councilor; however, the former President can be appointed by the Member Society as the second Councilor representing that Member Society.


Article 5.

Responsibilities of the Council.

The Council has the following responsibilities:

a. Administration and supervision of the Federation’s affairs.
b. Approval of the time and venue for the quadrennial World Congress, as proposed by the Host Executive Committee.
c. Organization of the scientific program of the World Congress in collaboration with the Host Executive Committee.
d. Delegation of responsibilities to committees or working parties as appropriate.
e. Election of the Chair and of the Secretary-Treasurer.
f. Approval of the budget and expenditures.
g. Evaluation of applications for membership in FISPGHAN (Article 2).
h. Development, formalization and implementation of rules and regulations for the management of the Federation.
i. Dissemination of information about the Federation’s activities and periodic publication of a newsletter reporting highlights from the previous World Congress, updates and previews of the upcoming meeting.
k. Preparation and maintenance of a code of practice designed to define the relationship between the Federation and the biomedical industry. This is designed to obtain their financial support for scientific and educational goals in gastroenterology and its affiliated and related disciplines, within the context of the ethical and professional standards of all the member Societies.
l. Meet in person at least once yearly to conduct business.
m. Liquidation (See article 8).

Following completion of his/her term, the Chair of FISPGHAN will remain on Council as Past-Chair for an additional year to provide continuity and facilitate transition.  In addition, following completion of his/her term, the Secretary-Treasurer will also remain on Council as Past-Secretary-Treasurer for an additional year to provide continuity and facilitate transition.

An Executive Director will be hired to administer the operations of the FISPGHAN Council.  The Executive Director will attend all meetings of the Council, but shall have no voting right. The activities of the Executive Director are under the direct responsibility and supervision of the Secretary-Treasurer.

Each of the Member Societies and all Councilors will be notified of a Council meeting at least three (3) months in advance, unless all Member Societies agree to meet with notice of less than three (3) months.  It is the responsibility of each Member Society to have at least one of its representative Councilors present at every Council meeting. At least one Councilor from a simple majority of the Member Societies must be present at a meeting in order for the FISGPHAN Council to conduct business. Voting by proxy registered in writing is permitted on a motion previously circulated with the agenda. Each Member Society, whether present or voting by proxy, is entitled to one vote.

All actions of the Council (other than those otherwise stipulated) will be decided by a three-fourths majority of all the Member Societies and of all voting Councilors, whether voting in person or voting by proxy.

The Chair may empower the Secretary to hold a vote by mail, including electronic mail, on motions circulated in writing, including electronically. Mail votes, including electronic mail, on motions circulated in writing shall not apply to the decision to admit a new Member Society to FISPGHAN.


The Chair

The Chair has the duty of convening and establishing the agenda of Council meetings and presides at those meetings.  The Chair will hold office for four (4) years, and will then remain on the Council for a further year with the title of Past-Chair. The position of Chair will rotate among each and every Member Society, changing every four years.  Unless there is a compelling reason, the Chair will be selected from the Host Member Society.  In the event that the Chair of the Host Executive Committee and the Chair of the Council (the current President of the Host Society) are the same individual, the Host Society will appoint another representative so that there are two members from the Host Society on the Council, not including the Chair of the Host Executive Committee.
The  Secretary-Treasurer

The Secretary-Treasurer will attend to the affairs of the Federation and the Council.  The Secretary-Treasurer will preside over Council meetings in the absence of the Chair. The Secretary-Treasurer will hold office for four (4) years, and remain on the Council for an additional year as the Past-Secretary-Treasurer.

The Secretary-Treasurer is entrusted with the funds of the Federation, their collection, their safe‑keeping and their disbursement, at the direction of the Council.  The Secretary-Treasurer will prepare the budget and audited annual accounts and must present them to the Council every year.  The Secretary-Treasurer will submit to each Member Society a complete financial statement at the end of each fiscal year.  The Secretary-Treasurer will supervise, coordinate, and be responsible for the functions of the Executive Director.


The Councilors

The Councilors will be responsible for attending all meetings of the Council; will participate on Committees and in other activities as may be required by the Council or its officers; and will communicate effectively with their Member Society about the activities of the Council and FISPGHAN.


The Host Executive Committee

Appointments to the Host Executive Committee will be nominated by the President of the hosting Member Society and require approval by the Council.  The Host Executive Committee will be responsible to the Council; the Chair of the Host Executive Committee will report regularly to the Council.


Article 6.

Finances of the Federation: FISPGHAN and the Host Executive Committee will be responsible, jointly, for ensuring the financial success of the World Congress. FISPGHAN and the Host Executive Committee have the fiduciary responsibility to: (i) obtain sufficient revenues to pay for the cost of the meeting, (ii) ensure that there is a monetary reserve for unforeseen problems, and (iii) generate a surplus to be utilized for the operations of FISPGHAN and its Member Societies.

A fixed contribution to FISPGHAN, which will go towards financing FISPGHAN Council meetings and other business, will be included in the budget for the World Congress.  Any surplus derived from the World Congress will be allocated as follows: If the surplus equals between US$50,000.00 and US$500,000.00, then US$50,000.00 will be allocated to FISPGHAN to be utilized for its operating expenses, as well as a reserve for the organization of the next World Congress meeting; if the surplus exceeds $500,000.00, then 10% of the surplus will be allocated to FISPGHAN; if the surplus is less than US$50,000.00, all of the surplus will be allocated to FISPGHAN.  After the allocation to FISPGHAN, the remaining surplus will be allocated as follows: 40% to the host Member Society; and the remaining 60% to be divided equally among each of the other Member Societies.  Presently therefore, each of the 3 non-hosting Member Societies will be allocated 20% of the remaining surplus. The revenues and expenses of a Postgraduate Course associated with a World Congress will not be considered part of the allocations; any surplus or deficit related to the Postgraduate Course will be the property or responsibility of the Host Society.

Any and all financial loss will be the total responsibility of only the Host Member Society.

FISPGHAN will establish an appropriate relationship with the biomedical industry, based on ethical and professional standards adopted by the major physician organizations in each continent.  This relationship will be governed by a Code of Practice, to be written by the FISPGHAN Council and agreed upon by the governing bodies of the Member Societies. Moreover, a dialogue between the biomedical industry, the World Health Organization and FISPGHAN will be conducted for each World Congress to obtain support for the Congress. The support from the biomedical industry may take the form of either unrestricted educational or travel grants to the Federation, or of the sale of commercial exhibition space at the World Congress.


Article 7.

Withdrawal: A member Society may withdraw on 60 days written notice to the Chair, but withdrawal shall not act to lessen any assessment due for operations or programs through the end of the calendar year.

Councilors may be removed for cause by a vote of the Council. FISPGHAN must provide reasonable notice and the reason for the expulsion.  The Councilor removed must have an opportunity to present a defense of the action.
Article 8.

Duration and dissolution: The Federation is established for an indefinite term.      In the event of the dissolution of FISPGHAN, the Council is responsible for the liquidation of the Federation. The remaining assets will be distributed to the Member Societies.


Article 9.

Changes of the By-laws: Changes to these By-laws require a three-fourths majority vote.


Article 10.

Transitory regulations: Because at the time of the establishment of the Federation, NASPGN is the only Member Society with a full time Executive Director, this individual will be hired by FISPGHAN as the Executive Director during the initial 4-year period.


Adoption of By-Laws

We the undersigned, as representatives of all the founding Member Societies, and as initial Councilors of this organization, consent to, and hereby do adopt, the foregoing By-Laws as the By-Laws of this entity.


E-mail enviado em: 26/07/2001

Richard Colletti wrote:

I would like to welcome to the FISPGHAN Council its three new members:
Peter Milla, President of ESPGHAN; Quak Seng Hock, President of APPSPGHAN; and Joaquin Kohn, President of LASPGN.

We also express our fond appreciation to John Walker-Smith, Mei-Wei Chang and Roberto Calva, who will be leaving the FISPGHAN Council.

As you know, FISPGHAN Councilors can communicate with all the members of FISPGHAN by sending an email to <[email protected]>.  The email addresses of the current FISPGHAN Council members are listed below:

Peter Milla [email protected]
Geoffrey Cleghorn [email protected]
Olivier Goulet [email protected]
Quak Seng Hock  [email protected]
Joaquin Kohn [email protected]
Ulysses Fagundes Neto [email protected]
Harland Winter [email protected]
Stefano Guandalini [email protected]
Richard Colletti [email protected]
Margaret Stallings [email protected]             

You will be receiving soon the minutes of our meeting in Geneva in May.
Best wishes! /Dick

Harland Winter [email protected]              


E-mail enviado em: 3/01/2002

Here is the current distribution list for the FISPGHAN listserve, consisting of the 9 Councilors and the Executive Director.  Best wishes!

Geoffrey Cleghorn [email protected]
Richard Colletti [email protected]
Olivier Goulet [email protected]
Stefano Guandalini [email protected]
Quak Seng Hock
[email protected]
Joaquin Kohn [email protected]
Peter Milla [email protected]
Ulysses Fagundes Neto [email protected]
Margaret Stallings [email protected]
Harland Winter [email protected]